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Your house is the foundation of everything you do, a refuge to come home to, a space to unwind in comfort and luxury.

Chamberlin Development is a Phoenix custom home builder, led by a father and son team, Randy and Garrett.


Your house is the foundation of everything you do, a refuge to come home to, a space to unwind in comfort and luxury.

With every project we work on, we pay close attention to the type of lifestyle and home that you want to create. Whether you’re looking for a welcoming space to disconnect and soak in your surroundings, or a convenient location with a modern feel, everything we do is tailored to you.


Chamberlin Development, Phoenix Custom Home Builder

Our goal is to help you come home to a personalized oasis.

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Trust. Service. Quality.

our founding PRINCIPLES

Chamberlin Development was founded by our father and grandfather, Jerry Chamberlin, on the principles of trust, service and quality. Above all, though, it was founded with a commitment to serve families. Jerry showed us that working with our hands is a role we should be proud of and embrace. We build homes, and therefore affect the lives of entire families.

These principals are all fundamentals that each of us would welcome into our homes and in our lives. To serve others, to build trusting relationships and to do everything to the highest quality. This is precisely the core that directs the build of each client’s home. 

We invite you to get to know our father and son team, explore our work and consider working with us as you step into this next chapter.

We would be honored to help you move into a home that takes your breath away.

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Randy was born and raised in Long Beach, California where he learned from his father, Jerry Chamberlin. Randy has now lived in the Phoenix metro area for over 30 years and loves calling it home. He has raised two sons, Ryan and Garrett, and spends his free time with his better half and their grandkids. You can often catch him hunting, hiking, playing tennis and just enjoying the outdoors.

As you may be curious to know, Randy previously owned a door and trim business, and has more than 30 years of experience developing commercial construction projects. He lives on the same street as some of his own clients and cherishes the relationships he’s built. His father, Jerry, ran his business through word of mouth, letting his product and service suffice as his marketing strategy. These are the same values Randy has woven into his Arizona development company.

Randy Chamberlin, Owner

The son of our father and son team, Garrett, has lived in the Phoenix metro area his entire life and has a solid background in the construction industry. You can spot Garrett playing tennis almost every week with Randy. Garrett also enjoys hiking, hunting and camping. He’s often working on projects around the house and lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Garrett and his wife, Katie, live in Queen Creek where they are raising their two children. 

Garrett worked as an electrician, a roustabout in the oil field and a residential superintendent prior to joining his father at Chamberlin Development.

Garrett Chamberlin, Partner

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